YODN Lamp MSD 280R10 (MSD-14R 280W)

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MSD 280R10
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  • Discharge lamp for professional lighting compatible to PHILIPS MSD Platinum 14R (280W) and OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 280W.
  • Modern HID technology using extra short light arc for highest light output on most compact size.
  • Special design to prevent projection hot spots by evenly light distribution.
  • Elliptic mirror reflector from glass for best light reflection.
  • High color temperature specially for the needs of the show technology.

Top Features:

  • Long life time with constant light quality (2000h)
  • 100% compatible to PHILIPS MSD Platinum 14R (280W) and OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 280W
  • high light efficiency with 11000 Lumen and 7800 Kelvin light temperature
  • compatible with all main lighting fixtures
  • 3 month manufacturers warranty


  • Wattage: 280W
  • Arc gap: 1,2mm
  • Dimensions: 51x51x61mm
  • Lumen Output: 11000 Lm
  • Color Temperature: 7800 Kelvin (K)
  • burning position: any
  • color rendering index (CRI): 75 Ra
  • Average life time (h): 2000 hours
  • Voltage: 75V
  • WD: 34,5mm


  • PHILIPS MSD Platinum 14R (280W)

Fits also these units:

  • Acme XP-280 BS
  • BriteQ BTX-Titan
  • Ehrgeiz EOS
  • Elation Platinum HFX
  • Elation Sniper Pro
  • Freevox/Starway Servo Zoom 10R
  • Futurelight PLB-280 Moving Head Spot/Beam
  • HQ Power B-Spot 280
  • Ignition Cobald X-3 Coupe
  • JB Lighting Varyscan P4 – BeamSpot
  • Prolights Jade
  • ROBE Pointe
  • Varytec Trident R10 Movinghead

3 Month manufacturers warranty with proof of purchase and serial number


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