Led Bulb BAY15d Warm White 6 SMD5050 10-30V DC

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Led Car Bulb BAY15d 1,5W Warm White 6 Led SMD 5050

  • Similar to 15W Halogen
  • Consumption:1,5W
  • 6 SMD 5050 LED
  • Base:BAY15d(2 contacts)
  • Voltage Supply: 10-30V DC
  • Operates on 12V DC and 24V DC
  • Color:Warm White
  • Brightness:97 Lumens
  • Life:25000 Hours
  • Dimensions:Diameter 26.7mm,Heigth 38.1mm
  • Ideal for boats, etc.
  • The 2 contacts on the back is + and -

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