Ground Base with 2 Led Floods 50W 6000K

Varius, 50W, Cool White 6000Κ
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Ground Base with 2 Led Floods 50W 6000K

LED floodlights are the counterparts of traditional energy-consuming halogens. Forever Light floodlights in 2 x 30W or 2 x 50W variants are characterized by high-quality SMD LEDs with long service life. Each device is enclosed in an aluminum, waterproof housing with a solid heat sink.

The product has a wide range of lighting angle adjustment. Full angle adjustment is 360 ° horizontally and 300 ° vertically. Forever Light floodlights are waterproof and dustproof at the IP66 level.

The included specialist tripod allows you to illuminate a large space in virtually any conditions. Durable and stable structure will prove itself on construction sites, during garden works or as additional workshop lighting.

Proxim floodlights emit a neutral light color (4500K) or cold (6000K). The power of the devices translates into a total of 4,800 lumens in the 2 x 30W or 8,000 lumens (2 x 50W) variant.

The set includes a high-quality hermetic connector and a 3-wire 3-meter cable.

Energy class:    G.
Cable Type:    3 x 0.75 mm²
Warm-up time:    <1 s
Number of on / off:    > 15,000
Dimmer:    no
Lumen Maintenance Factor (LLMF):    85%
Power Factor (PF):    > 0.9
Ignition time:    <0.5s
Lighting angle:    120 °
Degree of protection (IP):    IP66
Number of LEDs:    72 pcs.
Lumens Number:    8,000 lm
Service life:    30,000 hours
Color temperature:    6,000 K.
Working frequency:    175-265V, 50-60Hz
Dimensions (mm) L x W x H:    194 x 226 x 28 mm
CRI (Ra) factor:    > 80
Working temperature:    -25 ° C to + 60 ° C
Diode type:    2835
Current:    250 mA
Power:    100 W.
Cable Length:    300 cm
Height:    160 cm

The complete kit includes:

1.2 floodlights;
2. Tripod;
3. Connector;
4. Cable with plug;
5. Instruction.

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